• How much does it cost to run a hot tub?
    • This frequently asked question depends on where you live, what the climate is like in any given time of season, how big or small a hot tub you buy and how often you use your hot tub. The cost for electricity is different in every part of the country and changes often.
  • What chemicals do I need to keep my hot tub in top condition?
    • pH increaser.
    • pH decreaser.
    • Alkalinity increaser.
    • Sanitizer ( chlorine. , bromine. , etc.)
    • Hot tub shock.
    • Test strips.
  • Do hot tubs offer any health benefits?
    • Based on mounting scientific data, it appears so. Regular use of hot tubs, swim spas and portable spas –  show promising benefits for a variety of illnesses, injuries and ailments, including:
      • Diabetes
      • Back pain
      • Fibromyalgia
      • Arthritis
      • Blood pressure
      • Muscle pain
      • And more

      You should always consult with your physician before engaging in any form of hydrotherapy, including hot tub use. But from our vantage point, consistent hot tub use appears to be an ideal complement for anyone looking to improve their health.

  • Should I drain my hot tub for the winter?
    • Drain the hot tub only if it’s very cold and you’re going to be gone for an extended period of time (weeks or more).Winter is a great time for a hot soak in your spa. There’s no reason you can’t use it all year around.You can leave your hot tub running 24/7 during the winter. It will not freeze. By leaving it on the hot tub is ready for you to use any time. If we do happen to have 2 or 3 weeks of really bad weather, the spa will virtually take care of itself. Just look in on it once a week or so.

      If you know you absolutely will not want to use the spa all winter, you could drain it. You don’t have to, but you can.

      If you’re a “snowbird” and will be gone for three to six months at a time, we would recommend draining the hot tub.  Lastly, check with your specific manufacturer and follow their guidelines for the best performance for your particular situation.

  • What’s the best temperature for a hot tub in the winter?
    • Most people like to keep their hot tub temperature at 102-104 degrees, especially in the winter. We generally don’t recommend setting the temperature below 90 degrees.It is best to keep your hot tub at the same temperature all the time, if you’re going to use it regularly. If you like using it at 102, keep it at 102 between usages. If you like it at 104, keep it between usages at that 104 temperature.If you’re not going to use your hot tub for a couple of weeks and you think you’re going to save money by turning it down, you can turn it down. Keep in mind, turning down the temperature is not likely to change your electric bill by much.


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